6 Food Business Ideas for the Entrepreneur in You Part 1

food business ideas

Ann Gabriel | FoodFindsAsia

If you are looking for a business that best fits the foodie in you, look no further. We have gathered a number of food business ideas that you could consider before setting up that food startup.

Food is one of our basic necessities. It is common sense that everyone needs to eat and has to eat somewhere. There will always be a market for food-based businesses.

Restaurants and artisanal food have been sprouting up almost everywhere. We know that it can be tough to stand out, over these competitors, but with the right products and great marketing strategies and tactics, you can turn your unique food idea into a successful startup. Consider any of these 11 business ideas.

Online Grocery

Full-time working parents barely have the time to cook and prepare dinner for the family. Shopping for groceries is no easy task either. If you have a van or a spacious vehicles, and some spare time during evenings and weekends, you can help busy families by doing supermarket errands for them. Clients can send you grocery lists or perhaps have an online grocery portal where they can order the products that they need.  You can make a profit by charging for time and delivery. The technique here is to have the effort to compare prices for the best deals, and buy items in wholesale for common items, thus saving them money.


One good business to run during your spare time is baking. If you find yourself having baking as a hobby, why not get paid for doing it, right? Pull out your family’s secret recipes or check out the internet for some amazing recipes. If you are considering of renting a space or buying equipment, postpone this. Sell online instead.

Farm to Table

Fresh ingredients will always make the best meals. Consider partnering with local farmers to supply to you fresh ingredients fresh from the farm. Successful farm-to-table restaurants help support local farmers. Vegetarian customers as well as health buffs could be your niche market, as there are quite a growing number of them, who patronize farm to table restaurants.

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