6 Delicious Filipino Foods for Rainy Seasons


By Ana Margarita Olar | Foodfindasia.com

There are two things that you wanted to do when it rains: eat and sleep.

Here are the easy steps to prepare Filipino dishes that you can enjoy more during rainy seasons:


This dish has its Chinese origin even if the name sounds Hispanic. The rice porridge with the taste of chicken broth can help to keep your body warm. It is cheap and easy to prepare too. The main ingredient is rice while how you will call it depends on the ingredients you use. Call it arrozcaldo when it is served with chicken. Goto uses beef and internal organs. If it is plain rice, it is called “Lugaw”.



If you are looking for something warm and sweet; nothing will beat champorado. It is a Filipino favorite snack and it is perfect for cold weather too. It is made up of gelatinous rice mix with cocoa powder. Serve it with dried fish to make the experience more fun.

SOPAS (Elbow Macaroni Soup)

Sopas is a creamy soup with milk, shredded vegetables, chicken bits, and elbow macaroni. It is easy to prepare and many creative chefs also use corned beef or hotdog in the absence of chicken meat. It is great for people who have a cough, fever, and colds. And, it is also perfect for those who are just looking for snacks that can make their tummy warm and full.


Are you looking for a soothing meal perfect for rainy seasons? Who can resist a hot pot of tinolang manok? It is with chicken, ginger, garlic and malunggay leaves. Tinola is a nutritious and a certified favorite meal for rainy days.


Do you wish to have a beefy adventure? Bulalo is a dish made from a tender beef shank with the marrow still inside the bone. Just get your cholesterol checked because this dish is high in cholesterol too.


Enjoy the taste of sour, spicy, and salty mixture while it’s raining outside. You can choose from fish, pork or shrimp as your main meat. Enjoy more by mixing vegetables like kangkong, camote tops, gabi, and okra.

But, if you don’t know how to cook and just looking for a simple snack; drop by the nearest bakery and get yourself a hot pandesal. Serve with hot chocolate or coffee and you are good to go.


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