6 Best Food Smartphone Apps to Help You Find Lunch Anywhere

Ana Margarita Olar| Foodfindsasia.com

It’s fun to go places, and meet people. It’s fun to try new activities and have an adventure. But would you let hunger ruin your trip? Fortunately, there are food smartphone apps. It lets you choose and find restaurants in any location. Check out this best food smartphone apps:

Food Smartphone Apps (2)


Yelp is a food smartphone app that is an integration of website and mobile app. It reviews and locates businesses including restaurants. Just enter your location and you’ll find restaurant profiles, menu information, photos, and reviews.

You can also interact by checking in, adding a tip, uploading photos, and bookmarking your location. It is also an app that rewards users for connecting with friends and checking in.


This is a food smartphone app for android users. If you are a cowboy type likes hawker food stands than fine dining, this app is great. Food trucks spend more on the quality and taste of their food rather than the ambiance. Use this app to find this unique and spectacular food trucks.


This food smartphone app is a website which also offers mobile apps. It is available to iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. It focuses on locally owned restaurants. You can choose to search in your city or places nearby.

You can choose from your favorites. Once you have tapped on a restaurant, it will provide you with the category. It will also provide location, detailed descriptions, and comments of restaurants.


When you are traveling to a city for the first time, it is hard to look for a restaurant. It is also hard to look for delicious foods at an affordable price. That’s where Dining Deals come in. it is a food smartphone app that will help you to look for restaurants with affordable price.


This app literally helps you to spot restaurants on the map. Foodspotting features a Google-powered map with a featured image of each restaurant. You can just take a quick photo then post in on food spotting. You can also choose restaurants nearby. It also offers options on the latest and best restaurants in a town or city.


This smartphone app is for travelers. It helps you to find the best restaurants and hotels in your place. You can look for and reserve hotel rooms and flights by using the app.

So, the next time that you travel, don’t forget to download one of these apps to make your travel more fun and enjoyable.


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