5 Ways to Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level This Year

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FoodFindsAsia.com | 5 Ways to Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level This Year | There is no denying that the restaurant industry is cut-throat, with thousands of new restaurants opening every year. Therefore, it is essential that you are doing everything you can to keep growing your business. Otherwise, you are going to lose out to the new guys. 

From the importance of a restaurant inventory management system to hosting more events, read on for five ways to take your restaurant to the next level this year.

1. Opt for a digital menu 

More and more restaurants are opting to have a digital menu, and there are plenty of reasons why – mainly that it can bring a significant boost to your operations and your bottom-line

One of the primary benefits of having a digital menu is that it enables easier communication between you, your staff and your patrons. Digital menus also provide you with valuable data insights that can be utilized when making decisions regarding menus and clientele appetites. 

Design-wise, you have a lot more control over the presentation of the menu, and you can include more information through pop-up descriptions or “read more” tabs. Plus, it means you can quickly update menus based on seasonal offerings and what is available. You can also create specific pages dedicated to certain dietary types. 

2. Utilize a restaurant management system 

Investing in a robust, high-quality restaurant management system will be a game-changer for your restaurant as it will dramatically streamline and improve your operations

While the system you choose is going to depend on the size of your establishment and your unique needs, every eatery should have some sort of restaurant management system as it will simplify all responsibilities necessary for operating a successful business. This definitely push your restaurant to the next level.

When choosing a restaurant inventory management system, make sure to look for one that has sales tracking that enables you to monitor every item that you sell. This will also aid you in maintaining reliable records for taxes. Other vital features include inventory management, employee management, efficient front-of-house organization, and a kitchen display system. 

3. Create a loyalty program 

The key to a sustainable restaurant business is having returning clientele. One of the most reliable ways to motivate diners to return frequently is by creating a loyalty program. 

If you are serious about building brand loyalty, then opt to incorporate a restaurant loyalty program software that can make the whole experience easy for both you and your patrons. With this software, diners will just have to enter their email or phone number to earn points which can then be used for discounts or rewards. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you want to ensure you are offering attainable incentives; otherwise, diners aren’t going to believe they are ever going to reach them! Additionally, make sure to incorporate birthday rewards and other special discounts for your most loyal customers. You want to reward them for continually choosing to spend money in your establishment! 

4. Focus on building foot traffic 

This year, to take your restaurant to the next level, you want to be focusing heavily on growing your foot traffic. While your restaurant’s location plays a significant role in the amount of foot traffic you are likely to get, there are still specific steps you can take to increase it even more. 

One of the best ways to attract new customers is by hosting compelling events. By getting creative with your events and ensuring these are aligned with your target customers, you are setting yourself up to stand out from your competition. You can even co-host with other businesses or organizations in the neighborhood. 

Additionally, make sure you have creative signage and welcoming decor that makes people stop on the street and want to know more about what is going on inside. Finally, never underestimate the power of a good promotion – they are fantastic ways to lure new customers into your establishment.

5. Encourage private parties

Last but not least, encouraging private parties is a fantastic way to bring new people into your eatery – especially if you have the perfect space for it. 

Private events are a massive opportunity for your restaurant as these can increase your revenue and help you tap into a new segment of diners. Ideally, you want to have a private party room space. Even if it isn’t massive, possessing an intimate private party room is more beneficial than not having one.

Once you have your designated private party room, you then want to start focusing on the details. 

Generally, it is best to have a smaller, more specific menu for larger parties, so you’ll be prepared to serve the party without over-taxing your kitchen (this is especially important if you are going to maintain regular business hours, as well). Ensure that the decor matches the branding of the rest of your restaurant, and then start promoting your new event room! 

What are you doing this year to boost your restaurant business? 

Let us know in the comments below!


Ahmad Alzaini is the co-founder and CEO of Foodics, a fast-growing food tech startup. A businessman by nature, Alzaini is an app aficionado, developing businesses in Saudi Arabia within several industries. Today, Foodics has extended to new markets across the MENA region, processing over 1 billion transactions, and offering the latest technology in POS and restaurant management.