5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Season


Staying healthy this summer? Natural tanning, barbeques, holidays, and bright colors – all these words are synonymous with the summer season. But if you are stationed in the tropical and sub-tropical areas, you are well-aware of the harsh sun rays and the blistering heat that’s not healthy for you. The heat, accompanied by the humidity makes summers hard to tolerate. So, people plan trips to cool places to escape the high temperatures. But for how long? Sooner or later, you will have to come back home, and face the heat again. Let us try something new this season. Ditch the “running from summer” routine. How about embracing it with open arms? Here, you will read about some techniques, which will ensure that both your health and enjoyment quotients remain high this summer. So, tag along to know more about taming the wild heat.


Hydration is a must for healthy living

What is your favorite activity during summer months? Both kids and adults will say its spending time by or inside the pool. Water cleanses your skin and brings relief from the blistering heat. After a hard day’s work, the refreshing pool water will wash away your tiredness. A simple bath can relax your mind and body. You will feel rejuvenated instantly. When water can do so much for your outer body, it is obvious that it will do wonders for your internal system as well.

Doctors suggest that drinking at least ten glasses of water is a must throughout the day. It will keep your body organs in top shape. Lack of water can damage the kidney, excretory system, and alter the thickness of blood. Water plays a massive role in maintaining the well-being of the body, internal organs, and health of skin and hair. Hydrating the body from within is a must during summers. Drink as much water as possible. Proper hydration will maintain elasticity of skin, make it shiny and youthful. So, ditch mocktails, cocktails and fizzy drinks, and pick up a glass of mineral water whenever you can.


Proper selection of diet boosts fitness

Are you a tea or coffee lover? Don’t worry! No one is asking you to ditch these hot beverages for good during summers. Consuming these less will keep your system cooler. It is time to talk about summer food selection. Staying away from spicy food is good during all seasons and more so during summers. It is best to stay away from fried foods and red meats. The chicken will meet your protein needs sufficiently. For meeting vitamin and mineral requirements, place your trust in Mother Nature. Succulent, tasty and fibrous fruits, like melons, arugula, zucchini, yellow squash, berries, peach, and tomatoes will keep water levels high, cool the system from within and improve health quotient as well. The inclusion of the veggies and chicken will heighten the summer barbeque experience by leaps and bounces.

Stay away from alcohol binge and smoking

Beach parties are common after the sun goes down. If you desire to remain cool as a cucumber this summer, then stay away from too much alcohol intake. This practice is not ideal during any season, but more damaging during summers. Alcohol tends to dehydrate your system. Opting for light drinks is perfect during summers. No matter which drinks you prefer, make sure that you are drinking water to rehydrate your internal body. Another option is to go for fruit beers during the hot nights. Apart from this, smoking is another bad habit that is best shunned forever. It can bring you warmth during winters, but will only increase uneasiness in summers. If staying fit, active and cool is your aim, then ditch smoking this summer.


Make time for light exercise

Working out during the hot days is too exhausting. But exercising is a must to maintain high health quotient. If you are accustomed to running or jogging, altering the exercise time might come in handy to beat the heat. In case, you are looking to get rid of the extra flab, summer is the best time as you will sweat more. First ten minutes or so will seem the hardest. Once you catch the rhythm, you will no longer face any difficulty. Make sure that you have cotton t-shirts and comfortable and airy shorts aplenty. For your feet, a pair of breathable and sweat-resistant Nike running shoes will be enough.

Positive mentality will maintain health

The summer season may be uncomfortable. But the trick is to eliminate the negatives and embrace the positivity. Each season has its special elements. A positive mindset will offer a healthy feeling. Yoga and meditation will also come in handy. Smile more than you frown, share with others, try to make others laugh, and spread positivity. These activities will maintain a balance between your mental and physical health. Taking care of your body, skin, and beauty will not shine through if your mind is cluttered with negative emotions.


These are not the only remedies to beat the heat this summer. If you were to make a list, probably these will feature in the top of your chart as well. Slapping on sweat-proof makeup will not make your skin glow. If you succeed in keeping your internal system healthy, then it will show on your face. True! Summers are rather uncomfortable. Use these tips, and you will no longer have to worry about the wellbeing of your health and skin. If there are some other tips, which assist in combating the summer heat, then do share it with others.