5 Ways to Clear UPSC exam


Food Finds Asia | If you have been preparing for the Civil Services Exam organised by the UPSC or the Union Public Service Commission, your time to shine is here. The UPSC conducts a range of exams on behalf of the country to fill vacancies in civil services and the fated day for 2018 is the 3rd of June when the exam is scheduled to begin. Thousands of people across the country will be taking this exam, people from various States, in various languages and the chances to make the cut in the first attempt are slim.

But it is not impossible. If you have planned to appear for the IAS exam, chances are you have put your best efforts into the endeavour. With less than a month to go, here are five things you should keep in mind to crack what is perceived to be the toughest competitive exam in the country:


  • Pay attention to notifications


It is obvious that to crack an exam, you must make sure that you appear in it. Often, in the throes of preparation, we tend to forget our immediate surroundings. You cannot afford to do that with the UPSC exam. Pay attention to notifications, regularly check the website in case there is an update. Track the dates for the distribution of admit cards and make sure you get yours. In these last few days, the UPSC website should be a permanently opened tab in your browser which you must regularly check to stay up to date with any new information.


  • Positive attitude


The attitude you keep throughout the exam is important, not only for your mental peace but also because it reflects in your exam script. You know by now that questions in the UPSC exam are often opinion based and the candidate has to share their own opinion and problem-solving skills. The psychological attitude of the individual is thus revealed, which is key to your wish to crack the exam in the first attempt. And to keep your nerve in the last few days, through the entire examination, is essential. It ensures that you give your best performance where it counts. It wouldn’t do to prepare for months for an exam and not be able to deliver due to a nervous breakdown in the hour of the examination.


  • Revisions


The last few months must have been filled with hectic preparation. But cramming the knowledge of the entire IAS exam syllabus into your head, in such a short period of time, often leads to us forgetting some key points. As you continue to prepare for the exam, take time out to revise all that you studied in the first few months of preparation. This should not take up much time, for you need only to jog your memory on the various subjects. Try referring to past papers and their respective UPSC answer key so you will see where you may have committed your mistakes and also work on how you can rectify it. A study timetable is required to divide your attention to go about your revision in an organised manner.


  • Right guidance


If you have had a guide, whether a tuition centre, a personal coach or even a self-study app, make sure you have a tête-à-tête with your guide, once before the exam, as a final battle before you go out, into battle. Before the day, everyone needs a pump to the morale, and there is nobody better to do it than the person who has shown you the way. Discuss last-minute strategies with your guide and make sure you are going about the exam in the right psyche.


  • Sustained effort


Don’t go flax in these last few days remaining for the exams. We often let go of the leash this far into the process, but you need to remember that this is still your first attempt. You are no veteran in the UPSC exam candidature, and if everything goes well, you won’t have to be. But for everything to go in order, you must keep the efforts up until the very last day. Tighten your regime and don’t give up, make time for as many revisions as possible. Stay healthy and hearty for the anticipated hour.

The UPSC accords a very different approach to the application of knowledge, which takes time getting used to. Cracking it in the first attempt may be everyone’s dream, but do not be too disappointed if you cannot make it. For things that require a sincere effort, there is always a second time.