Digital Evangelist Reveals 5 Trends That Will Change How We Do Business in the Next 5 Years

Homer "Homerun" Nievera, CDE (seated, 2nd from right), with participants to his first intimate seminar on social media marketing , together with Ana Marie "Alu" Aran (standing, 1st from right) of Courage Asia.

by Jim Moriones, |

Homer Nievera, CEO of Heartshaper Asia, revealed 5 things that will change the course of business across industries in the next 5 years during his intimate learning session yesterday at the Courage Asia headquarters. Courage Asia, organizer of Dine Philippines and a strategic partner of, organized the exclusive social media marketing strategy seminar for some of its partners and associates.

With a select group of marketers and entrepreneurs in attendance, Nievera, a sought-after digital evangelist, said that small businesses can leverage on these technologies to be at par or even overtake big businesses should they harness them early.

Computing everywhere and the Internet of Things

Nievera told the futurist audience that whether they liked it or not, the Internet is powering a lot of applications and delivering computerization across devices and industries. Personal devices, in particular, is merging with electric appliances, electronics and even out-of-home equipment through mobile apps and cloud computing.



Social Media advancing at breakneck speed

While were busy doing other things, Nievera showed the 2014 global social media stats which simply indicates a rapidly advancing audience and user base. He said that taking keen interest in trend means that marketing to a set of so called millennials will become more and more important in the next 5 years.


Big data is becoming more and more important

The use of invisible behavioral targeting by websites for their advertisers has become big business for these sites, as well as their clients. This, according to Nievera, shall be key in how marketers use voluminous data to their advantage by sifting through the numbers, organizing them, and then devising strategies to use them commercially. He said that with the aid of Data Scientists, companies can now create more intelligent forecasts and plot their customers’ buying patterns. Also, more and more products shall be powered by artificial intelligence and robots.

data scientists

Content is still King

Emphasizing the need for a serious look at content marketing as an essential part of a company’s marketing plan, Nievera said, “content is definitely still king.” He said that the importance of the triumvirate of SEO, social media and content marketing in a digital marketing plan will always start with developing the right content.

Credits: Attach Media
Credits: Attach Media

Mobile meets social commerce

The implementation of the “buy” button on both Facebook and Instagram this year signals the move by social networking sites to push commerce into their platforms and users, according to Nievera. He said that the fight for the share-of-pocket will move into mobile as Google rehashed their famous algorithm to be mobile centric.

Mobile social commerce is here in the Philippines.
Mobile social commerce is here in the Philippines.

Before moving to his other topics, Nievera reminded the audience to read up, be not afraid to be techie, and seriously consider creating their own business apps as device adoption through smartphone ownership is nearing the 50% mark in the Philippines.