5 Simple Tips to Help You Stop Craving for Sugar and Junk Foods


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Foodfindsasia.com

Cravings seem to be an innocent word but when every day and every situation seems to be a “craving time” then it must be halted at some point.

So as part of having a healthy lifestyle, here are some simple ways to stop your cravings especially for sugar and junk foods:

Stop Craving


Before attempting to fight (and eventually experience failure) to stop carvings, let’s take a glimpse of why such types of food are addictive:

One is the refined sugar which is more addictive than cocaine, and two is the way manufacturers combined flavors and textures to make addictive products.

The study was done by food scientist Steven Witherly obtained some of these facts:

Corn chips are loaded with taste active solutes, seasonings create high salivation response, the chips melt quickly in mouth adding to pleasurable sensations, and corn chips are calorie dense.

So whenever you crave for these things, keep this in mind, you are just being deceived and you cannot get a true satisfaction from eating these products.


Aside from hunger, excessive cravings over sweet and junk foods may have its emotional component as well. So no matter what method your try, if you don’t address the emotional root of the problem, your cravings will just continue to hunt you.

Start with your view about yourself. When you are feeling down or exhausted, find someone to talk to and not something to eat.

Have a positive outlook in life so that you have something to hold on to in the process of stopping your cravings.


Craving for something salty? Eat munch on low-fat cheese instead of eating curls loaded with cheese powder.

Craving for something crunchy? Try homemade banana chips instead of a heavily seasoned bag of potato chips. Really hungry but it’s not yet meal time? Stop cravings and curb your hunger by eating fruits like banana, avocados, or boiled sweet potatoes, and wash it down with water or fresh fruit juices.


Avoid being too hungry that can cause your cravings. No matter how busy you are, make it a habit of eating meals on time.

Skipping your meal for a deadline doesn’t pay off when you are sick because of skipping your meals and eating junk foods and sweets.


Craving becomes a habit as your response to certain emotional or even physical stress.  So to stop craving, you have to replace that habit. Instead of stress eating, do the opposite.

Work out, and have some physical activity to purge out your negative emotions. Physical workout increases your happy hormones which could eventually help you to stop your cravings.

These are just some simple tips that you can try to stop that craving, and stay fit and healthy.

You can also try to deal with someone who has the same cravings as you and who also wants to fight it. Hand in hand, you’ll be able to think clearly when you crave and have someone to fight it with.