5 Reasons You Should Learn Google Ads

google ads training

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Google Ads training

  1. Google’s massive reach
  2. Targeting
  3. Intent
  4. Control
  5. Brand awareness

Multi-million dollar agencies close major deals every quarter managing Google ad campaigns for clients so it must take years to learn right? Wrong. There is a unique opportunity for small businesses to get educated on how Google Adwords works and how to be profitable.

Whether you have hesitated shopped around for help with Google ads or not, there is a tremendous upside in learning Google ads in-house. Familiarizing yourself with the best practices of successful campaigns can free the flow of new customers via advertising.

Google ads can increase the number of new customers every month. Marketing managers and small business employees who learn the skills and fundamentals of Google ads provide long-lasting value to the company.

Before outsourcing, strongly consider saving substantial portions of marketing budgets annually and maintain independence from high-priced agencies. Ally with a trusted Google Partner to increase knowledge, confidence, and effectiveness using Google Adwords. Options for credible Google Ads Training providers can easily be found online from wherever you may be in the world. In addition to numerous online training platforms, in-person teaching is available and can be tailored for both one-on-one and group settings. Learning from a Google Adwords Certified Individual ensures all questions are answered by someone with real-life experience who is committed to thoroughly preparing you. Here are 5 reasons you should learn google ads.

  1. Google’s massive reach – Google is the top search engine in the entire world. More than 5 billion searches are performed daily on Google. Most searches are made by people looking for accurate answers to their questions and helpful solutions to their problems. Google’s authority as a search engine makes it the #1 referral business or brand can receive. The search results displayed at the top of page one receive 30%-40% of all clicks and that’s where Google ads live. Google ads can help refer you above and before your competitors.
  2. Accurate targeting – Every online lead can be labeled according to the stage of the buyer’s journey. The stages of the buyer’s journey are a. Awareness, b. Interest, c. Consideration, d. Purchase, and e. Post-purchase. Along with custom audiences, Google ads allow you to target those in the consideration and purchase stages at scale, like never before. Actions are conveniently tracked so those that don’t convert can easily be retargeted until they do.
  3. The intent is the secret weapon – In some context and settings, ads are annoying and receive low click through rates. For instance, when you scroll through your Instagram you only want to see those you follow and not irrelevant ads every 4th post in the feed. With Google ads, you’re not advertising to people thumbing through Throw Back Thursday posts and dinner plate pictures. Instead, you consider the intent to advertise to people in search of specific solutions and answers. Your ad helps them find what they’re looking for instead of interrupting their online experience.
  4. Control and independence – When you learn Google ads for yourself, you can prioritize genuinely cost-efficient decision making. With the help of programmatic advertising, one properly trained employee can buy ad space with the software. Over time experience will allow them to create and pause campaigns to target hot leads with the best offers. Also, most advertising agencies have a minimum dollar amount required to commence a standard campaign. Doing it in house avoids higher entry costs to invest.
  5. Increase brand awareness – The positioning of the Google ads at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) builds awareness when consistent. Whether a click happens or not, when relevant searches are made you get seen. The ads are superior to billboards because they are seen by relevant traffic in the consideration and purchase stages of the buyer’s journey.

Don’t pay an agency to run your Adwords when you can learn to manage it yourself. You are capable of managing successful ad campaigns from the comfort of your own home or office.