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If Americans love mash potatoes, we, Filipinos, wouldn’t let our meals pass without rice. That’s why, we believe you will love our new found food stall – Boy Kanin. The name itself tells us right away what we’ll be expecting – our well-loved staple food.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should buy your next meal at Boy Kanin:

1) Big Serving of Rice

No need to request for “extra rice” because one rice meal from Boy Kanin will surely curb your hunger. Their rice serving is not just limited to a small cup so you won’t experience that ‘bitin’ feeling.

boy-kanin, boy-sarsa, boysilog, boy-fiesta, food-stall, rice-meal, affordable-rice-meal
Boysilog (Tapa-terrific)

2) Savory Dish

Unlike other regular food stalls, each bowl of rice is stir fried and then infused with a cooked sauce of your choice. From the tangy taste of caldereta, the classic savory sauce of adobo, to the filling bits of diniguan, you’ll get a taste of authentic home-cooked meal.

3) Availability of Choices

Whether you’ll be eating breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks, Boy Kanina has something to offer to you. You can choose from Boy Sarsa (rice + topping / dish of your choice), Boysilog (our favorite all day-breakfast – fried rice, fried egg and dish of your choice), Chicken Pinoy, and their newest product, Pinoy Burrito (rice, meat and cheese wrapped in wheat flour tortilla). Boy Kanin also has group meal called Boy Fiesta, that’s good for 3-5 persons with its big servings of rice, three fried eggs, 5 dishes (chicken, longganisa, grilled liempo and tocino and drinks.

Pinot-burrito, boy-kanin, boy-sarsa, boysilog, boy-fiesta, food-stall, rice-meal, affordable-rice-meal
Pinoy Burrito

4) Handy

Whether you’re running late for work or traveling home from office, you can order a bowl of your favorite meals and have them on-the-go.

boy-kanin, boy-sarsa, boysilog, boy-fiesta, food-stall, rice-meal, affordable-rice-meal
Rice meals on-the-go

5) Affordability

With all the things I mentioned above, how much do you think will a Boy Kanin rice meal costs? I’ll give you a clue, it’s less than sixty pesos. Yes, you’ve read it right. Boy Sarsa costs Php 55.00 and the Boysilog costs Php 59.00. And here’s more, the group meal Boy Fiesta only cost Php 199.00. Very affordable, isn’t it? It’s not just affordable, it’s also worth your money because surely your appetite will be satisfied.

Started in 2012, Boy Kanin is the brainchild of Antonio Z. Atienza and Ronald Callao. They hope not just to feed hungry stomachs but also to remind us why we always return to our homegrown cuisine.

Excited to try their rice meals? Boy Kanin food stalls are located within the Metro such as Libertad (Pasay City) and Market-Market. They are also open for franchise if you’re interested to start a food business that will surely be a hit. Just call them at (02)352-8130 or email them at franchising.boykanin@gmail.com for more information. You may also check their Facebook page for more updates.

Pinot-burrito, boy-kanin, boy-sarsa, boysilog, boy-fiesta, food-stall, rice-meal, affordable-rice-meal
Indoor Food Kiosk


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