5 Must Have Gadgets in Your Kitchen


Ann Gabriel | FoodFindsAsia

To most of millennials, cooking now is fast becoming a chore, while others think that cooking is one of the many pleasures in life.

Here is a list of gadgets that you must have in your kitchen.

1. A Good Set of Knives


I am always impressed by the way Chefs use their knives when cooking. Knives are so important in the kitchen. Knives are quite useful in a lot of ways, most especially sharp ones. We all know that blunt knives don’t actually work well with meat or vegetables. Sharp knives are much more safer than the blunt ones. Sharp knives provide more control over what you are cutting.

2. Volumetric Spoons


The perfectly measured ingredient defines how delicious your food will be after every cooking. Although, the traditional volumetric spoon is quite prehistoric compared to digital volumetric spoons. The traditional volumetric spoons still deliver the right measurements whenever you need them.

3. Non-Toxic Non-Stick Pots and Pans


Non-stick pans are easy to clean and make preparing your favorite meal that little more hassle-free. As handy and convenient as they may look, this is also one kitchen item to beware of. There is popular belief that Teflon (the product that makes your pans non-stick) could be toxic to our health, especially if heated to very high temperatures. There are Teflon-free, non-stick pans available in the market.

4. Convection Oven


Microwaves are not considered as one of the greatest kitchen appliances that are available. Although microwaves are useful in cooking our food fast, it also has the capability of destroying enzymes and nutrients in the food that we eat. A better alternative is the convection oven. They are extremely versatile and provides the same result as a microwave – but without the potential health risks.

5. Electric Stick Mixer 


When preparing quick sauces, dressings or food paste, a hand held stick mixer is the best thing to use for the job. These small and compact gadgets, saves you time in washing up after use. The big top blenders have difficulties in blending small portions. Most stick mixers can be used inside a large cup or a bowl and some even come with a mini food processor!

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