5 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks


Mary Rae Floresca | FoodFindsAsia

Just moved to a new place on your own? You might want to go back to the basics in cleaning your own kitchen like an independent pro. Below are kitchen cleaning hacks to keep your kitchen spotless and comfortable to work with.

  1. Wash the dishes

Stop procrastinating, refrain from doing the Pinoy’s “mamaya na or bukas na” attitude. We often do the dishes later on, maybe after watching the TV and eventually, you will fall asleep on the couch leaving your used dishes undone. Don’t you want to wake-up in the morning without the dirty duties first thing of the day? The grease will stay longer thus, harder to clean, when you’re done eating, wash it right away, a little help of hot water would do.

  1. Change your sponges

Bacteria loves moisture. To avoid this, squeeze the sponge after washing every dishes. Make sure you rinse it, remove the soap residue. If not, dirt and old soap residue will be stuck in the sponge; so when you wash again, you’re just like putting back the dirt. Sponge is not disposable as a toothbrush. Stock up on clean sponges. It will also clean your dishes better. Here’s a tip: to be a bit thrifty with your sponges, buy a large sponge once and cut it in a half. So you can use the other half next time.

  1. Keep your chopping board clean

There’s a research that the chopping board has more germs than your toilet bowl. Why? Because it’s where you cut different kinds of ingredients, making it exposed most of the time. Also, it is always moist especially when you cut just washed veggies. To avoid the build-up of germs, wash your chopping board every after use. Pour some baking soda, it deodorizes almost everything. In the morning, take it out and let it sit under the sun, let the heat of the sun kill the bacteria/germs, let it dry. After use, make sure to keep inside a dry rack or a sealed container so bugs won’t meddle with it.

  1. Get rid of cockroaches

There are two hacks I tested to get rid of those pesky bugs. First is to place Pandan leaves around the kitchen, or can be around the house; but mostly cockroaches go to the kitchen. You may place it in vases. One vase on every corner should be enough. Another hack is to layer one sheet of metallic paper on the base of your drawers, cupboard or cabinet. There’s something with metallic paper that cockroaches don’t want – the smell or the contents of the metallic paper. These tips are effective, but change it every after two weeks.

  1. Know how to fix a clogged sink

There are many ways to deal with this but first is to know how to avoid it. When washing your used dishes, pans and etc., scrape the excess food straight to the garbage. Don’t let the drain take care of it. You can use a plunger and pump it for a couple of times. Again, baking soda is the trick with the help of a vinegar, mix half a cup of both, pour it into the kitchen sink and follow with hot water.

If kitchen cleaning hacks don’t work completely, don’t fret, hire a professional plumber. Roto Rooter Philippines has maintenance products to unclog your kitchen drain and to drain faster. Roto Rooter stated in their website that their products are designed to remove the usual buildup of soap scum, grease and hair. They also have a product to inhibit root growth in your main sewer line. Schedule a professional plumber from them by calling (+632) 535.21.65 or (+632) 407.00.02.