5 Healthcare Marketing Strategies That Really Work

healthcare marketing strategies

FoodFindsAsia.com | 5 Healthcare Marketing Strategies That Really Work | As more and more healthcare facilities are opening up to satisfy the demand for affordable and quality healthcare, the need to stand out from the crowd is becoming increasingly necessary because, at the end of the day, they still require money to be able to stay in operation. In most fields marketing involves driving customers towards a company to purchase goods or services, but when it comes to the medical field it becomes a bit trickier. Focusing too much on the services you offer can be perceived as being money-oriented and put off your potential customers because in the healthcare business it is all about convincing people to trust you. With a growing number of people turning to the internet for help in medical issues, it has made it more crucial to be able to convince people that you are the best among the rest. 

Below are five healthcare marketing strategies that will be of immense help and really work.

1. Online Marketing

With the explosive rise of the internet, an increase in social media use, and the fast growth of technology, the need for timely and accurate information among people is at an all-time high. For your healthcare establishment to be able to attract and retain customers, your content should be able to reach your potential customers easily and on time.

That means having a website for your practice and a strong social media presence that will enable you to be able to sell your premises well, while also investing in various online marketing channels. The internet marketing pros from Phase5Analytics.com say that to see your healthcare practice flourish, you’ll need to have a professional approach in SEO, PPC, online reputation management and other areas of online marketing. Working with a professional marketing agency will not only allow you to reach out to the maximum number of people online, but it will also help handle reputation issues that may send your facility to its knees from just a single negative rating or review.

2. Use of Social Proof

There are very strict rules and regulations to prevent quacks and frauds in the medical field. When you abide by the rules and regulations, using social proof as a marketing strategy is a great way to build trust with your current and potential customers. It helps convince them that you’re trustworthy, which is among the most important things in the field of medicine. As you are in the business of promising life and offering freedom from pain, you must be able to establish a strong reputation. To utilize social proof in marketing your healthcare facility, you can use testimonials, reviews, and ratings from former patients, as well as encourage referrals from other hospitals or patients. 

3. Internal Marketing

A lot of healthcare establishments put too much focus on trying to draw more potential customers to themselves that they forget that their employees are also a great vehicle to advertise and market them. A recent statistics report by McKinsey Global Institute showed that when employees in a health institution are made to feel wanted and that they belonged there, productivity increased by 20-25%. This means that they are a great resource that is inexpensive and can be a lot more effective than the advertisements on media platforms. Employee advocacy will be able to rope in many customers as being recommended by friends is the best way to gain new customers for an establishment. 

4. Creating A Comfortable Environment

While it’s more of a necessity than a marketing strategy, this will go a long way in retaining customers while also gaining new ones. This is because they’ll be able to relate to the healthcare institution, feel valued, and perceive themselves as important. Remember, the physical environment can have an impact on a patient’s progress or response to treatment, and comfort is one of the most significant factors. also, by providing directional graphics to guide patients and visitors around the building, seats in the waiting areas, clearly marking rooms, and reducing idle times, you will not only have a more efficient establishment, but your facility will also get great reviews. This can compel your visitors and customers to spread the word about your healthcare facility far and wide.

5. Customer Relationship Management

How you relate to your customers is a key determinant of either the success or failure of any venture. Customers – patients in this case – love to feel wanted and appreciated. One of the best ways to do that is by sending them cards and gifts during the various holidays of the year. You’ll also want to keep them engaged in social media and included activities that benefit society while educating them and spreading awareness on various medical issues. Growing your email list by sending out newsletters to keep the customers regularly up-to-date with any news and updates is also a great way to stay connected with your clients or prospects as a healthcare facility or practitioner. After all, isn’t that part of what the word care in healthcare stands for?

Over the years, the healthcare industry has become a highly competitive one. To make the most out of your practice or venture, you have to really stand out from the rest of the pack. Utilizing the above marketing strategies can give a great boost to your establishment, especially when it comes to growing your patient list.