5 Food Items that Causes Kitchen Sink Clog


By Nadj Villaver | FoodFindsAsia.com

Food particles often slip into kitchen sink drain during washing of plates, and eventually, causes kitchen sink clog But did you know there are specific food types that you should never let slip down your kitchen drain?

Here are four food items you need to keep out of your kitchen drains because it will lead to bigger drain problems:

  • Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves

Coffee grounds and tea leaves is biodegradable in nature but it’s dangerous to your kitchen sink drain. These food items poses a threat to the home’s plumbing system because it does not break down in water. When it builds up in the drain line, it will cause a clog.

  • Starches

Starchy foods like pasta, rice, breads and potatoes expand and become sticky when it comes contact with water. Because of this feature, it lingers on the pipes and causes clog. These food items also create foul-smelling clogs on your sink.

  • Hard Animal Products

Eggshells and bone shards struggle to break up. When they slipped on your kitchen sink, it might become stuck in your pipes and block the flow of water in your system.

  • Fibrous Foods

Fibrous foods like onion skins, celery, corn husks, and artichokes do not break into small pieces and get tangled in the disposer; thus, making it hard to pass through the drain line.

  • Greasy Foods

The liquid state of fat, oil and grease may easily go down the kitchen drain but the problem occurs when it cools down in your drain lines. It becomes a sticky sediment that will trap other food and over time create a clog.  When the build-up gets thick enough, frequent clogging may occur and poses a danger of increased water pressure.

If one or more of these food items have already slipped your kitchen sink drain, it’s highly recommended that you consult a professional plumber to avoid bigger plumbing and drain problems.

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