How to Make 5 Flavors of Vodka to Create Unique Gifts

infused vodka

Christmas is almost here, so it’s time to think about gifts. Shopping for Christmas gifts is not everyone’s favorite pastime, so why not make something different this year? Like infused vodka gifts. They are unique and you can add virtually any flavor you want to vodka, from lemons to cinnamon.  


You need some time to make these edible gifts, but the good part is you can leave the vodka to infuse, so the actual hands-on time is very limited.


The recipes below will make great holiday gifts, especially if you pour them into fancy bottles and tie a personal greetings message around them. Because you are free to play with flavors your gifts can suit any taste. For example, if the person who will receive the bottle loves a spicy kick, you can make chili flavored vodka for them.


Bacon infused vodka


For this recipe, you need 6 strips of bacon and 3 chili peppers. Of course, you also need a liter of vodka. Cook the bacon until it turns crispy on both sides, then leave it to cool down on paper towels. Remove the stems from the peppers and add them in a jar. Add the bacon as well, after it cools down, and then fill the jar with vodka. Store it in the fridge for a week, then take it out and strain the content. You can put a full chili in the jar afterwards for decor.


Blueberry infused vodka


If the first recipe sounds too interesting for you, here is a fruity recipe. This blueberry infused vodka recipe creates a rather soft drink, perfect for a brunch or a dinner. You can also add lemons to it if you want to create a more refreshing drink.


You need one cup of fresh blueberries and 14 ounces of vodka. Wash and dry the blueberries, then put them in a jar and fill it with vodka. Leave it for 36 hours to infuse, then strain the fruits. You can save the blueberries and freeze them in a water cubes container.


Cranberry Orange vodka


This recipe is the ultimate Christmas infused vodka, as it has all the holiday flavors in it. You need one cup of fresh cranberries, 1 cinnamon stick, 4 cloves and orange zest. Put them all in a jar, then fill it with vodka and leave it to infuse for a week. Then, strain the mixture.


Candy cane vodka


Another interesting recipe, which calls for 5 candy cane sticks. Crush them, and then toss them in a jar. Fill it with vodka and infuse for a week. Then strain the mixture and give it to someone who loves sweets.


Marshmallow vodka


Another interesting recipe, which creates a delicious flavored vodka. You need to fill a jar with marshmallows and then pour vodka over them. Leave them for 24 hours, then strain the vodka and enjoy giving it to a friend.