5 Catering Tips to Make Your Event A Success

How Families Pass Down Their Food Businesses to The Younger Generation 5 Catering Tips to Make Your Event A Success
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5 Catering Tips to Make Your Event A Success | When it comes to planning an event, everyone wants to book the perfect location with exotic décor to make their event a success. Similarly, people also spend days creating guest lists and planning the invites to leave a lasting impression on guests. A large part of event planning also revolves around the food and beverages you intend on having for the attendees. Hence, whether you plan a corporate dinner or a wedding, make sure to get the exemplary catering service.

Firstly, you have to stay abreast of the latest food trends. Do people prefer shrimp pasta or lobster rolls? Is it possible to serve the ever-popular tofu meat at the venue? Answering these questions can help you get creative with the catering. Likewise, consider building a menu around seasonally appropriate foods and flavors. If the event is in fall, feature a dish with pumpkin spice to make your guests experience the true seasonal flavors.

Besides this, you have to account for the dietary needs of attendees. Look out for allergies, gluten restrictions, and vegan guests to make appropriate food choices. If you are still unsure about it, have a look below. Here are five catering tips to make your event a success.


  • Design A Unique Menu 


Usually, catering menus are all about old-school cold cut platters with traditional sidelines. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and turn your event into a memorable experience, be creative with your catering. You can create an aesthetic coffee station or hire food trucks serving sweet treats. Similarly, you can install a popcorn bar to satisfy midnight cravings at a wedding reception. For these unique catering ideas to become a reality, you have to look for professional caterers. 

If you reside in Florida, look up for catering Naples fl to design the most creative menu. From small bite foods like tapas to Artisan donut walls – professional caterers can make everything possible. Best of all, they will help you plan a unique menu within the allocated budget, suitable to the event’s theme. 


  • Choose A Service Style


Once you have crafted a delicious menu, think about the service style in your event. Here we are listing the three most common catering service styles. 

  • Buffet Catering Service: Here, you can have different self-serve stations for the attendees. The tables of guests can take turns walking along the buffet line. In addition to eliminating the need for waiters, this service style can speed up food production by refilling dishes quickly. 
  • Plated Catering: If you have a small event, opt for sit-down meals. It is more like a fine dining option since caterers serve food to people individually. 
  • Tray-Pass Service: The waiters will carry food displays around the venue, serving people on the tables. You can add different budget-friendly meal alternatives to add more variety to the catering menus. 


  • Plan for A Signature Dish 


Is there any special cuisine on the catering menu? If yes, plan for a signature dish that thrills the taste buds and makes your event the talk of the town. Perhaps, you can create a smoothie bowl bar where people can customize their smoothies. As smoothies consist of fresh fruits, seeds, oats, and natural sweeteners, they will keep the catering prices down.

Otherwise, you can craft beer slushies, especially for daytime events. After all, these frosty concoctions are the perfect treat in hot weather. Moreover, you can also ask the caterers about their specializations to offer guests the most mouthwatering signature dish.


  • Plate Food Beautifully


Undeniably, a few presentation details can create a memorable dining experience for guests. You can add pops of colors to plain dishes to make them look appealing. Likewise, add plenty of herbs, spices, flowers, chopped nuts, and sprinkles to decorate the plates. Additionally, request the caterers to layer items and drizzle sauces to give a professional effect. You can also ask them to create strategic layouts around the table to improve the flow and presentation of catering.

Moreover, you can bring some seasonal décor pieces such as dried flowers or pumpkins to fill in the blank spaces between dishes. You can order extra decorative and edible foods for the snacking table. Besides this, request the catering company for beautiful serving tools. After all, gorgeous cutlery can elevate the look of even the simplest dishes.  


  • Ensure A Sanitary Environment


In all the hustle-bustle, the client and caterers forget about hygiene. Well, the health department will keep you on your toes in this regard. Hence, to make sure all the waiters and chefs are ensuring optimal hygiene in the venue. Alongside saving you from liability lawsuits, a sanitary environment will ensure your guests don’t get sick. Firstly, check the kitchen and cooking space. You have to make sure chefs have separate cutting boards for raw food and fresh produce to avoid cross-contamination.

Similarly, ensure all the staff is wearing kitchen prep gloves, masks, and hairnets to ensure proper hygiene. You can also provide industrial cleaning products, sanitizers and install trash bins on the venue to keep the environment clean and green.

Final Thoughts

Unsurprisingly, planning for catering in an event is no easy feat. You might think catering is only a small part of the event, but it is the part people will remember the most. Hence, from starters to desserts, you have to make sure the guests have an incredible dining experience. Simultaneously, you have to ensure the best possible presentation and food décor to leave a lasting impression on guests. 

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