5 Benefits Of Choosing Wine Tasting Career

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5 Benefits Of Choosing Wine Tasting Career | We’d know which career path to follow from the moment we started school in an ideal world. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Choosing a career path isn’t a walk in the park for most people. The majority of individuals venture into different fields based on their parent’s or friends’ guidelines. Pick the most lucrative and grounded domain, they say. But if your heart isn’t in it, you risk spending years of misery paying off student debts for a career that sucks all the life out of you — not a great way to live.

If you’re an adventurous person, wine tasting may be at the top of your career list. But is it the right move for you? Is a wine tasting career going to put food on your table? Are there growth opportunities? These may be among the top questions on your mind as you struggle to decide. Don’t fret. We’ve shared 5 reasons why choosing a wine tasting career may be the right move to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive right in.

Numerous Opportunities for Travel and Meeting New People

A sommelier is trained to taste and pair wine to perfection. The job normally entails visiting wineries in different parts of the world to explore the available options and build an impressive collection for clients. If you’re a travel enthusiast, this is the ideal job for you.

Think about it, wines like White Zinfandel wine are primarily made in Italy. Therefore, if you get an opportunity to sample these wines at the winery, there’s a great chance you’ll visit the country. And even if you don’t leave the country, there’s a great chance you’ll go to different cities for wine tasting purposes. 

High Earning Potential

We all want a career that can finance our lifestyle and allow us to live comfortably and take care of the needs of our loved ones. Unfortunately, in most cases, people have to choose a career path they’re not passionate about to meet this need. You don’t have to sacrifice what you love in the wine tasting industry. If this is a job you’re excited about, you won’t be disappointed. The returns will have you smiling at the bank.

On average, a wine taster makes $56,908 annually, but the figure typically ranged between $43,746 and $70,051. There’s also a likelihood of making even more if you have numerous certifications and a lot of experience.

It’s a Fun Career

If you’re not about sitting all day in front of a computer at a desk, a wine tasting career would be exhilarating for you. This job is extremely fun. You get to visit different places and meet new people who share your interests while at it. These individuals share their favorite wines and places, and you do the same. In the process, you make lasting friendships and connections that will prove beneficial in your career.

Not to mention, you always get to try something new for free. Unlike everyone else who can only try a new wine by committing to an entire bottle that probably costs a fortune, you have it easier. There’s always an opportunity to try different options without spending a dime. 

There are Plenty of Job Opportunities

Wine tasters use their knowledge and experience to perceive the different features of various wines. They’re expected to present this information in simple terms to an audience or clients to make their decision-making process more manageable. Therefore, as a wine taster, you can get a job anywhere where wine is sold or deals with wine, like restaurants, hotels, and wineries.

Other job opportunities in this space include:

  • Wine critic
  • Wine writer
  • Sommelier
  • Wine lecturer
  • Wine journalist

It Takes a Short Time to Get Certified

Wine enthusiasts believe it takes years to get certified, and you can only get a certification if you’re interested in venturing into the business professionally. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You can become a sommelier in as little as 24 months through the American Sommelier Association.

With such a certification, you can get your foot inside the door and start connecting with other wine lovers. Doing so opens new doors of opportunities and allows you to gain the experience you need.

However, it’s crucial to choose the right classes. Various certifications are more popular in some areas than others. For instance, American Sommelier Association certifications are more popular on the East Coast. 

Wrapping Up

Deciding on a career path isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. You’re deciding what you’ll do for the rest of your life and investing money into it. Therefore, take the time, weigh the pros and cons and ensure you pick a career that’s in line with your passion and your goals. We hope these benefits of the wine tasting career have given you some insight into what the career is like. Find out more about your career and make an informed decision.

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