5 Amazing Telemedicine Apps On the Market today

Telemedicine Apps

With the increase in the number of Americans visiting doctors falls, the use of telemedicine technology increases. The rapid growth of telemedicine over the years has caused the visits to doctors’ offices to decrease as all types of communications can now be done through the technology.

When it comes to common problems, timely treatment is required to decrease further risk. Individuals must visit the doctor or their nearest clinic to seek out such treatments. However, not everyone has the time in their day to make this happen. Thanks to the advances in technology, it has become possible to seek such treatments without having to visit the doctor.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine refers to the practice of caring for individuals (patients) in a remotely manner without having to set foot in the doctor’s office. Telemedicine makes it easier for doctors and patients to communicate without actually being in each others presence, which saves time and money for the patient looking for quick and effective treatments.

Many consumers who are using these telemedicine apps are spreading the word about the high-quality apps in the market today. Doctor On Demand’s Tong said “Consumers are realizing that it can all be done via an app, whether it’s getting a prescription, an exam or ordering labs… There’s no need to sit in that waiting room anymore.”

Benefits of Telemedicine in the Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine technologies were originally developed for rural areas where it can be hard to find healthcare professionals nearby. Commuting to healthcare facilities can be time-consuming for most, especially if the facility is hours away. With telemedicine, routine and general checkups can be done from the comfort of the patient’s home.

Telemedicine is much faster than normal healthcare as it provides faster access to care for those who use the telemedicine solutions, saving time and healthcare resources. It allows patients to save money on gas, parking, and public transportation. It also gives you the opportunity to not take time off work as it uses online platforms for communication. In addition, telemedicine provides access to specialists. Telemedicine makes it possible for individuals and their primary care physicians to leverage specialists to discuss any health issues. Overall, telemedicine allows you to get better management of your medicine and overall health and wellbeing while offering a convenient and cost effective approach to traditional medicine.

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Telemedicine Apps in the Market Today

There are several telemedicine applications (Apps) in the market today that have made medical assistance and consultation via video or chat viable today. Healthcare has become accessible to anyone and anywhere round the clock.

As stated in this Digital Authority Partners article, the use of telehealth and applications can be used to improve cardiovascular and stroke care. Telemedicine applications are well-equipped to connect healthcare providers with patients who live in remote areas and need quick consultations.

Below are the top 10 amazing telemedicine apps that are available in the market today…

  • MD Live

MD Live allows patients to have access to their doctors on-demand in minutes. This app has continued to provide a fast and convenient way to communicate with doctors and get quick medical advice. On this app, the doctors are available 24 hours a days for seven days a week, and help with any common problem, such as a cold or flu, ear infections, headaches, depression, and others problems.

Patients are able to register for free, find a doctor, and star their visit in just minutes. The doctors go through the patient’s symptoms and give a treatment plan. On top of that, the doctors also send a prescription to your nearest pharmacy if you require one.

  • MyTeleMed

Another free telemedicine app is MyTeleMed that is a great app for getting in contact with professional physicians for urgent matters. Clinics that want to use this app have become compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in order to increase efficiency and services. The app receives complete text messages from answering services directly.

This app uses a secure web based server so that all the messages are processed in a safe and secure manner. The doctors are able to receive your notifications and then return the message to discuss the issue.

  • Lemonaid Health

Whether you need help on an ongoing or just a one-time basis, Lemonaid Health is an online doctor’s office that helps busy individuals get affordable healthcare they need. Lemonaid Health and its business model offers patients a guarantee of receiving a two-hour response.

Lemonaid Health currently offers online visits, prescription deliveries, lab tests, and other various treatment services. There are several treatment services that Lemonaid Health offers, including: birth control, hair loss, acid reflux, urinary tract infection, flu, sinus infection, cold sores, and other common problems.  

  • AmWell

AmWell is a major app that provides HIPAA compliant and secure telemedicine services. The AmWell app provides 24/7 doctor support whether it’s urgent care and other conditions at a set cost.

With this app, patients are able to choose a wide range of doctors based on their needs and availabilities.  All patient and physician conversations are available through the user profiles making the information readily available to easy to use and view.

  1. LiveHealth Online Mobile

LiveHealth provides their customers with a more digital and connected experience when using the app. This mobile app allows you to speak with board-certified doctors, dietitians, therapists, and other professional experts through live video.

Whether you need a prescription or medical advice, the doctor is able to send the information to your local pharmacies.

The Bottom Line

Telemedicine allows for the distribution of healthcare through text messaging or video, instead of the usual face-to-face interactions. Telemedicine has become a growing industry as it saves patient’s time and money. There are many telemedicine apps that provide features that allow you to stay in contact with your physician and get immediate treatment. Such apps include: MD Live, MyTeleMed, Lemonaid Health, AmWell, and LiveHealth Online Mobile.