4 Tips to Choosing Dog Food for Your Lovely Four-Legged Friend

Choosing Dog Food

Choosing the best food for your dog can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you are trying to get a meal that meets the nutritional needs while at the same time buy something that is within your budget. Despite the challenges in selecting dog food, it is essential to appreciate the benefits of Royal Canin dog food.  

Consider your dog’s age and breed

Your dog’s age is an important consideration when choosing food. Lactating mothers and puppies need a high-calorie intake. Older dogs, on the other hand, need fewer calories.Lactating mothers and puppies need high-calorie intake. Older dogs, on the other hand, need fewer calories. As you consider your dog’s age and breed, it is also important to consider the dog’s activity level. Dogs that are highly active need high-calorie foods while those that spend most of their time resting need low-calorie meals.

Look critically at the ingredients

The information on the package of dog food will reveal if the food is ideal for your dog. Some of the details include the ingredients based on the weight and age of the dog. One of the vital components of dog food you should look out for is meat or meat meals. This contains high levels of water, plus it is essential always to remember, dogs are primarily omnivores. It is only in extreme situations, such as if the dog has allergies and can only fed vegetarian meals should you consider ingredients that do not have meat or meat meals.

Seek a vet’s advice if you believe your dog is reacting to an ingredient in the food

Before changing your dog’s food over an allergic reaction, it is important to visit a vet to get a proper diagnosis before you switch the food. The dog may be reacting to a particular ingredient which may still be present in the food you intend to use as a replacement of the current one.

It is also important to look at your dog’s response to food. You can easily tell if he is enjoying what he is eating or not. If he seems to be  struggling, it could be in reaction to the food or a particular ingredient. Keep track of the components in the food you buy to confirm if it is a specific ingredient the dog dislikes or if it is the brand you buy.

Choose recently produced food

When picking dog food from the shelf, it is best to look at the sell by or a best before date on the package. If, for example, one bag is still great for another three months and another for nine months, it is ideal to get the one that has an extended shelf life. Dry dog food is usually coated with fat to make it more palatable. If it is left on the shelf for too long, the fat will go rancid, especially if the package is exposed to air and light.  

Just like you have a preference for particular meals, you will notice the same habit from your dog. It is critical to keep track of your dog’s feeding habits to determine which food is more acceptable for him.