4 Sought-After PDF Tools That You’ll Find On The PDFBear Portal

4 Sought-After PDF Tools That You’ll Find On The PDFBear Portal

FoodfindsAsia.com4 Sought-After PDF Tools That You’ll Find On The PDFBear Portal | PDFBear offers an extensive array of PDF editing and converting tools to help you handle any PDF document. PDFBear provides these services for free, and it lays it out straightforwardly. Anyone using these PDFBear tools for the first time won’t have any problems getting the outcomes they want from each tool. 

Here are some tools that most users use on the PDFBear portal. Some of these processes aren’t available on other online tools that you might know of. And PDFBear makes sure that these processes are easy to follow. Without a doubt, PDFBear is a reliable online tool that has every PDF editing and converting tool ready at your disposal.

Compress PDF Tool

You may possess a PDF document that runs big in file size. With PDFBear, you can compress pdf file online free and within minutes. The Compress PDF tool will only need a few clicks from you, and it uses a straightforward process in reducing the file size of your PDF. And anyone can compress and reduce a PDF file on PDFBear for free.

Most online tools have a tradeoff whenever they compress PDF documents. This tradeoff comes in the quality’s compromise of the PDF document. You may find that it reduces the PDF document in a way, but your PDF document’s quality is also compromised and diminished. With PDFBear, there won’t be any reduction and compromise when you use this Compress PDF tool to compress your PDF documents.

You can reduce any PDF that scales up to 1 GB in size. You’ll be able to reduce and compress any big-size PDF document by up to 70% using this PDF compress tool. Now that you’ve reduced the file size, you’ll be able to use the PDF for printing, email attachments, and many web uploads.

Split PDF Tool

Splitting PDF pages is extracting individual pages of a PDF document and transferring them to a separate PDF document. This process is helpful when you’ve gained a PDF that contains a lot of unnecessary detail together with the information that you need. Think of the Split PDF tool as a Snip Tool for PDF Documents. This way, you can be more efficient and effective in presenting any data in a PDF format.

You’ll be able to split PDF pages with ease using this PDFBear tool. There are two functions in splitting PDF through PDFBear. The first one is selecting and splitting the PDF into individual pages. The second one is the function that extracts a particular page or page range from the original PDF document. You have these two functions to make splitting PDF pages a lot easier and more convenient.

Split PDF tools are commonly available on any software that specializes in PDF editing. With this fact, using specializing software to split PDF documents may mean added costs, fees, and subscriptions. Good to know that you have PDFBear as an inexpensive yet effective alternative in splitting PDF pages.

PDF To Word Converter

Ever need to use a PDF for your report or anything of the same kind? Well, you do not need to manually input all data on a PDF to a Microsoft Word document. You can take the direct and straightforward route by converting your PDF document to MS Word on PDFBear. PDFBear is a proven and tested alternative in converting PDF to Word, so quality should not be a problem.

One of the best features of this PDF to Word tool on PDFBear is its user-friendly approach. If you need to accurately convert a PDF to Word, PDFBear will do it for you! You’ll only need a few clicks to convert your PDF document to Word successfully. And these things occur in a relatively short amount of time! 

PDF to Excel Converter

Another impossible task is to manually transfer the data from a PDF to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Well, you don’t have to do or input anything manually anymore through PDFBear. You can directly convert your PDF document and all the data in it to an MS Excel spreadsheet. Considering how tedious MS Excel can be, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time.

You can find this converter tool on the PDFBear portal. Converting a PDF document to an Excel spreadsheet is relatively fast and straightforward. You’ll be able to successfully convert your PDF to Excel within minutes, maybe even seconds!

Available Anywhere, Anytime, And On Any Platforms

You can access these PDFBear tools from virtually anywhere around the world. Subsequently, you can access these tools anytime you want. If you need to edit, optimize, or convert a PDF during your walk, you’ll be able to do so through PDFBear. Make sure and see that you have a stable data connection to access and use these PDFBear tools.

You can accurately convert, edit, and optimize from any platform or operating system. Converting, editing, and optimizing any PDF document is not a problem when you do it from a Windows-based or Mac-based system. You could even use a Linux-based system, and you’d still be able to access these tools on the PDFBear portal!


There are plenty more PDF editing, converting, and optimizing tools on the PDFBear website. These tools on our list are only the frequently used PDF tools by PDFBear users. You can access and use these PDF editors and converters on your web browser for free. Also, expect a high-quality outcome no matter which editing, converting, and optimizing process and tool you use on the PDFBear website.