4 Home and Personal Style Tips and Tricks

4 Home and Personal Style Tips and Tricks

4 Home and Personal Style Tips and Tricks | Every new season brings with it opportunities to renew and refresh your style. Now that spring is here, it feels like it’s time to clear out the clutter, remodel our homes, and look for new and exciting styling techniques. After all, who doesn’t love a makeover? Maybe you’re a homeowner who wants to give your kitchen a new look, or maybe you’re a fashionista who can’t wait to try on some new, exciting looks yourself. Either way, it’s the right time to take on either a personal remodel or a home remodeling project.

The good news is that you don’t have to overhaul your home or closet in order to get that refreshed feeling you’re after. Sure, you can put in new plumbing and a new tile floor, or buy all new clothes for your wardrobe, but you can also go about things in a simpler way. Let’s take a moment to dive into four ways to rejuvenate without breaking the bank.

  1. Call in the pros for any remodeling project.

If you have your heart set on calling in pros to renovate your kitchen, that’s great. Professionals will be able to help you with everything from painting the ceiling by house painting Houston to adding a new tile backsplash to protect your walls. Bear in mind, though, that a kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be too terribly complicated and expensive. Pros will help you get the most function for your buck. If you need electrical work or new plumbing, for instance, they’ll prioritize that over cabinetry. On the other hand, if calling a plumber or electrician is unnecessary, they’ll be happy to get things looking renewed with some new cabinets and a granite countertop. Calling in pros makes things simpler and less expensive from the get-go.

  1. Add accessories, like lashes, to your signature look.

You don’t need to change your look every season. Something simple like adding mink eyelashes (or faux mink lashes) to your makeup routine will make a huge difference. Lashes are an especially good choice when it comes to accessories, seeing as you can get magnetic lashes now that give you all the curl with none of the mess. Plus, mink lashes make a dramatic impression wherever you’re going.

  1. Change out your appliances for more durable options.

Refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances weren’t made to last forever. If you don’t want to install a whole new kitchen, you can feel like you have a new kitchen by getting more durable and energy-efficient appliances. You can look at the Energy Star site to see which stove or oven has the highest energy-efficiency rating. Despite the upfront cost of buying new appliances, you’ll actually end up saving because you’ll be spending less on utilities when your stove or refrigerator is more energy-efficient.

  1. Buy a few signature pieces, and declutter the rest.

It’s great to declutter your space by getting rid of clothes and shoes you no longer use—especially if you live in a small space. That being said, you don’t need to refill your space with all new stuff. A few signature pieces will do the trick when it comes to feeling like you’ve rejuvenated your whole style. The important thing is to be bold and try new things. Maybe you’ve always worn all black. In that case, try some bold prints! Maybe you’re the opposite—you always wear bright colors. This season, consider taking a more subdued approach to your wardrobe or buying a classic black dress.

From cabinets or countertops to lashes and dresses, spring is the time for trying new things and seeing where they can lead you. Use these simple tips to enjoy that great springtime feeling without too much stress.