4 Easy and Healthy Pasta Recipes for Weight Loss


By Ana Margarita Olar │ Foodfindsasia.com

Pasta dishes are great comfort food in times of stress and provide an excellent way to satisfy cravings. Are you a pasta lover? Want to shed some calories while enjoying your favorite dish? Here are some easy to-do healthy pasta recipes that can help you eat your way to a fit and fabulous body:

Healthy Pasta Salad- Fruity Style:


3 cups of cooked macaroni

1 can of low fat cream

1 small can of fruit cocktail, drained

Grated or cubed cheese

Sugar to taste


Just combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Refrigerate and indulge yourself.

pasta 1

Healthy Pasta Salad- Veggie style:


3 cups of pasta (cooked and chilled)

1 tbsp. soy sauce

1 tbsp. oyster sauce

1 tbsp. olive oil

½ cup carrots, grated

½ cup snow peas, thinly sliced

Chopped celery

3 tbsp. chopped nuts (dry roasted peanuts, walnuts or almonds)

Salt and pepper to taste


Toss the pasta, carrots, and snow peas in a bowl

In a separate container, mix soy sauce, oyster sauce, and olive oil

Add the sauce to your pasta and veggies

Sprinkle with nuts, chopped celery, salt, and pepper.

Healthy Pasta- Mac and cheese


3 cups of cooked macaroni pasta

1 cup evaporated low-fat milk

1and 1/2 cup grated   low-fat cheddar cheese

1 tsp. chopped celery

1 tbsp. bread crumbs

Salt and pepper to taste


Over low heat, mix milk and cheese in a pan until the cheese melts completely. Stir constantly

Add salt and pepper. Remove from heat.

Mix cooked pasta and cheese sauce

Transfer into a serving plate, add celery, bread crumbs, and grated cheese.

Healthy Pasta- Chicken and Veggie Combo


4 cups of cooked spaghetti pasta

¼ kilo of chicken breast cut into cubes

½ tbsp. olive oil

1 medium sized onion, sliced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 medium-sized green bell pepper, sliced

1 medium sized tomato

3-5 pieces basil leaves

Salt and pepper to taste


Sauté chicken in olive oil, wait until it turned a pale brown color and its natural juice comes out. Set aside

In a pan, sauté olive oil, onion, and garlic until it turns light brown. Add the sliced tomatoes and green bell pepper, cook for two to three minutes and then add the chicken. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and the remove from heat.

Toss the cooked pasta, mix well and garnish with basil leaves.



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