3 Ways You Catch Celeb Attention on Instagram

Catch Celeb Attention on Instagram

FoodFindsAsia.com | 3 Ways You Catch Celeb Attention on Instagram | When you start using Instagram, you usually follow your friends on this photo-sharing social media platform. You did a funny thing on Miami Beach, sang a song with your friends, or had fun bathing in the tub. You post all these on Instagram to garner free Instagram likes and comments. Then, you soon realize that the comments users make on a celeb’s post are much more interesting and amusing than the images alone. 

When Ricky Martin posts his video on Instagram, the comments are beautiful, wow, sexy, hot, etc. Your posts can catch the attention of a celebrity if you know the rules of the game. 

According to an article published on Forbes, today, big brands and corporations look for celebrities and influencers to promote their business and products on the visual site Instagram. If they can do it and garner likes, you can do the same. Did you know that celeb endorsements have always proved to be an effective promotional tool? Read on to learn how you could be noticed by celebs on Instagram. 

  1. Talk to the celeb as if she is reading your post

When it comes to the popular celebs trending on Instagram, they receive numerous comments on their photos, each of them, to be precise. Did you know that Kim Kardashian’s bridal images garnered 51,000 hits? The celebs may not look at all their posts, but then users can make comments in a way as if he or she is interacting with the celeb directly. 

There are ways to connect with a celeb. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. When you notice a stunning post of a star on Instagram sporting a leather jacket, you can comment like, “Wish I had a jacket like this.” It is okay. Then, did you suddenly realize that you need that jacket just after seeing the Instagram photo? You may not have much interest in wearing a jacket after all because you need to take it off when inside your house and carry it around. 

Your comment was just a way to connect to that celebrity sporting a leather jacket, on a personal level. Then, this sort of comment is not something that sparks a conversation, rather a super-random at that. But, why not? Celebs have a face and a sense of fashion and so do Instagram fans. 

Then, you can ask a famous TV show star about the next episode airdate of the popular series in your country. Comments like this are conversation starters and the best way to buy Instagram followers and likes. That is because people are crazy about Netflix, Amazon, and HBO shows these days. 

  1. Use relevant hashtags

As far as hashtags are concerned, they are crucially significant to ensure maximum reach as well as exposure of all your Instagram posts. These hashtags let you get your posts right in front of your targeted audience. It also helps in keeping your Instagram account current and trendy with the current news. It is also one of the key ways that people find a user on Instagram. 

Make certain that you max out the social media site’s limitation of 30 hashtags for every post, more so if you have a small Instagram account. Each hashtag you use suddenly improves the possibility of your posts garnering likes, comments, and shares. 

Reorganize your Instagram posts by squeezing some time out of your busy schedule to research hashtags, the relevant ones for best results. Do not rush into the process. Take your time to research. 

Figure out to which hashtags your targeted visitors react the most. You will find numerous free hashtag analytics tools to fetch the results in real-time so that you can understand what is trending and what is not. Check out the hashtags the celebrities are using. You can use them too. 

Post the hashtags in the comments segment and not on the caption section of a photo. Else, it will look like spam. Posting your hashtags in the comment segment will bring similar results and make your photo look clutter-free. 

  1. Use basic human emotions 

If you want some famous face to share your content, use basic human emotions when it comes to your Instagram posts. Visuals that exude happiness are often shared, while fear and sadness create empathy, engagement, and brand loyalty. As far as anger is concerned, it will result in all of the emotions mentioned, if the post is controversial. 

Research indicates that people react to four key human emotions including, happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. It is nothing but creating Instagram content that focuses on one such emotion, based on what you would like to gain. 


These are some of the best tactics you can apply to ensure your Instagram posts catch the attention of celebrities. Try these tactics and you will gain likes, comments, and shares.