3 Strategies to Increase Your Bakery Sales

3 Strategies to Increase Your Bakery Sales

FoodfindsAsia.com | 3 Strategies to Increase Your Bakery Sales | The bakery industry is a huge and growing sector that caters to people’s love for delicious loaves of bread, sweet rolls, tasty pies and cakes. A report from Globe News Wire projects the global bakery products industry to reach a whopping $457 billion by 2027.

Although the growth of the bakery products sector offers more opportunities for bakeshops to boost sales, running a bakery isn’t easy.

Bakers need a strong base and a constant flow of bread- and dessert-loving customers. They need to sell as many baked goods as they can every day, as many of their products are only at peak, sellable freshness for a couple of days.

If you need help getting more people to buy delicious bread and other treats at your bakery, here are three strategies you can follow:

  • Get an Optimised Website

Many consumers go online to research and find products or services in their local area. A well-designed and optimized website will help people in your area find your bakeshop easily when they search on the web.

Creating a website and making it SEO-friendly isn’t easy, as these require web design and digital marketing skills. Your best bet is to approach an agency that offers professional web design and local SEO services to help you with this task.

  • Highlight and Rearrange Your Bakery’s Display Case

Baked goods look great on camera. When arranging the store display on your bakery, make sure you load up the front with the most photogenic and visually appealing products. This is your way of letting customers know that you’re selling drool-worthy goodies in your area. A few popular baked treats that you could put on display are colorful rainbow cakes and mouth-watering berry pies.

On top of these popular items, add another section that shows the other baked goodies you offer in your shop. This makes sure that customers know exactly what baked treats are currently available in your store.

  • Get Involved in Your Community

Hosting and participating in community events will boost your brand awareness and help get more foot traffic to your store. A few community involvement ideas you could consider are the following:

  • Fundraisers – Partner with a non-profit organization in your community and host a fundraising campaign. Let people know that you’re donating a portion of your sales to a worthy cause. Customers will like the idea of supporting your bakeshop and your community.
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  • Partnerships – Connect with establishments that might be interesting in carrying your delicious goods. Examples include coffee shops and restaurants looking to expand their product selection. This is an opportunity for you to partner with these businesses. Sell your baked treats to these shops and have them resell your products with your branding. Bakery Classes – Share the joy and excitement of producing yummy treats by offering baking classes at your shop. You could, for instance, charge for time and ingredients in exchange for teaching aspiring bakers useful baking techniques. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and form long-term relationships with local customers.

Sell more baked goods and bump up your bottom line by following these three sales strategies. Put these suggestions to use, so you can get more people to try out and enjoy your delicious treats.