3 Lab Apparatus and their Uses

laboratory experiments

You will find many lab apparatus in use in this age of scientific research and development all over the world. These devices are some of the basic ones that lab experts use to test and experiment in different fields. Most of these instruments are made with extreme care and precision to help lab experts do their job seamlessly.

The devices are also manufactured maintaining safety rules and guidelines. There is no doubt about the same. Some of these apparatus are beakers, safety goggles, test tubes, Florence flasks, tongs, funnels, watch glasses, graduated cylinders, droppers, crucibles, pipettes, volumetric flasks, burettes, Bunsen burners, balances, ring stands, clamps, rings, and many more.

In this article, we are going to walk readers through the three lab apparatus and their uses.

  1. Beakers

It is one of the commonly used apparatus to use in a scientific lab. You can use the container for stirring, mixing, and heating lab chemicals. Most of the beakers come with a sprout on their rims that help in pouring liquids and chemicals with ease and convenience.

These items also have lips around their rims and markings that help in measuring the volume of liquid that they contain. Then, it is not the right way to measure the volume of fluids in a container. Beakers are available in a plethora of sizes. You should use the best quality beakers for maintaining safety in the lab.

  1. Test Tubes

When it comes to test tubes, these lab items have one side open with the other end closed. It is another common apparatus used in science labs. The closed end of the test tubes is round in shape. You will find them in biochemistry labs, where numerous samples require testing and comparison. That is the reason why test tubes are used for making the job easy and convenient. You can also cap the glass apparatus with a stopper or a rubber.

The test tubes are usually kept in a rack designed specifically for these lab items. If you heat fluids and chemicals in test tubes in the lab, always hold the glassware with tongs to prevent injuries.

Avoid heating a capped test tube, as that is not a safe practice. If you are looking for first-rate test tubes, research online and visit platforms like fisher scientific India or similar ones. Take some time out of your busy schedule to choose the best lab equipment seller near you.

  1. Conical Flasks

These items come with a narrow neck. It is also called Erlenmeyer flasks, named after its inventor. It helps in easy mixing and churning in the container with the least possibilities of spilling the liquid. You can also use a glass or rubber stopper and the narrow neck of the glassware helps in doing so.

You can clamp the apparatus to a ring. You can heat conical flasks or shake the contents of this glass container mechanically. There are markings along the side of the flask for making approximations and not deriving precise measurements.


Now that you know about these three lab apparatus, you can make an informed decision while buying them or using them safely.