16 Compelling Reasons Why Your Restaurant Has to Be Tech Savvy


by Peter Basildon |

Here’s a nice infographic that focuses in on the use of restaurant technologies and some of the reasons why every restaurant should be considering technology as a recipe for growth.

Created by Net Waiter, the infographic looks at some of the key reasons restaurants should be welcoming tech and just what Millennials expect from the places they choose to diner in.

The first thing to note is that 36% of the people surveyed says they are more likely to use technology than two-years-ago – showing just how quickly tech has been welcomed at the table. A further 42% of people said that their mobile phone is the most important medium for making a buying decision.

It’s all simple stuff to follow but it’s amazing how many restaurants seem to be paying little attention to the tech revolution in consumer ordering.

A quick look at this chart should show you what, if any, things you might be missing in your restaurant and will certainly help to highlight just how rapidly habits are changing thanks to technology.

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Via ForRent