10 Ways to Advertise for Free

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Foodfindsasia.com

In planning the financial aspect of your business, setting aside a budget for marketing is a must. But you should know that there are some ways to advertise for free or for less. Here are some of them:

  1. Word of mouth is still one of the most effective strategies to advertise for free since it occurs spontaneously and naturally.

What you need to do is to meet or exceed the expectations of your customers and they will naturally spread the word.

This is very effective because potential clients will trust someone they knew that have already tried the service or the product.

  1. Buzz marketing is the hi-tech form of word of mouth because testimonials are now found in the social media. The interactions of consumers and users of a service or product amplify or alters the original message.

It adds to the emotion, energy, excitement, and anticipation about the product or service.

  1. Welcome letter. You can utilize this when a potential customer subscribes to your mailing list, you can automatically send them a welcome letter that contains more than a welcome message.

You can make full use of the email by telling them about the product or services that you have to offer, hence advertising your products for free.

  1. Press release. A press release is one effective way to generate free publicity. You can provide the journalists with easily written texts about the product to save them time in writing stories. Review several publications and write your press release in the same format.
  1. Build a Facebook page. For some time, Facebook allows businesses to create a free page to advertise their products. Your fans can like, comment and make suggestions and even share your page.
  1. Utilize Slide Share to market to a larger number of audiences for free: post case studies, presentations, create how-to-guides and re-purpose blog content. Moreover, the domain strength of Slide Share alone will help your content rank well.
  1. Author and publish guest posts on high profile or well-trafficked sites in your niche. It’s an effective way to promote both your brand and your expertise. A good starting point is the free guest blogging communities such as My Blog Guests and Guest Blog It.
  1. Find bloggers to review your products. You can utilize simple query operators such as: [your product type] + reviews to locate promotional review opportunities for your product offerings.
  1. Start Blogging. Blogging is also a powerful tool to market your product. Use WordPress or Typepad to generate more audience.
  1. Generate reference material for your website. This is another useful way to attract people to your website is to write how to’s and guidelines before introducing your product.

Those are just some ways you can utilize and try to advertise for free. Now if you want to know more facts related to advertising, visit facts.net for more!