10 Hidden Beaches in the Philippines

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Tourists around the world consider Philippines a beach lover’s heaven – the country is blessed with natural wonders and an unlikely sand variation, from the famous powdery white sand to the black sand beaches that tell intriguing stories. And although most popularly known for its party island Boracay (and beach hopping in Puerto Princesa and El Nido in Palawan), Skyscanner now reveals some of the best hidden beaches worth visiting as a relaxing retreat:

1. Calaguas Islands in Camarines Norte

Getting to this unspoiled destination is not as easy, but people are willing to endure the long journey just to lounge on this long stretch of beach… especially the Long Beach, touted to be the best in the country. The clear water and pure white sand are just the first indication of one of the Philippines’ best. While there are various tour packages to Calaguas, one other way is to fly to the nearest airport, at Naga.
The long journey to Calaguas Island is so worth it! Photo Credit: reizeldavid

2. Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor

From the moment you reach the Siquijor Port area, you already know you’re in for a good time! The mystical Siquijor Island has a lot to offer, from cold springs to waterfalls to white sand beaches. We recommend hiring a guide, else you should always ask a local for the right directions. Once that has been overcome, you’d be rewarded with a fantastic view of the gigantic rock formations and turquoise water. This secluded beach is perfect for those seeking adventure by embarking on an overnight camping trip; there are days where Kagusuan Beach is completely deserted. You can get to Siquijor by flying to Dumaguete.
The giant rock formations in Kagusuan Beach makes the trip more dramatic. Photo Credit: senyorita

3. Sta. Cruz Grande in Zamboanga

Is there such a thing as a pink island? The answer is YES! Sta. Cruz Grande looks pink from afar, thanks to its crushed red corals that blend in with the sand. But not just pretty for photographers, if you love diving and snorkeling, you will enjoy your stay here too. However, due to safety concerns, it is a must to coordinate your stay with the City Tourism Office of Zamboanga first, before making travel plans and booking your flight here to the area.
The crushed red corals blend well with the white sand of Sta. Cruz Grande. The result? A pink beach! Photo Credit: legally_bald

4. Britania Islands in Surigao del Sur

Another place Mindanao is absolutely proud of is the Britania Islands. Getting there means you need to take asix hour drive from Davao City, or four to five hours from Butuan City, then take a motorcycle or habal-habal ride. The adventure of getting there will be completely worth it, with six islands to see! Choose from Naked Island, Hiyor-Hiyoran Island, Buslon Island, Panlangagan Islands (or Twin Islands) and Hagonoy. The best part? Tourists haven’t yet discovered the Britania Group of Islands, so it’s best to go now!
Naked Island, Britania in Surigao
Naked Island – one of the six islands of Britania. Photo Credit: ChingTheViewFinder

5. Tambobong Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan

Pangasinan has a lot to offer when it comes to lovely beaches. One of the hidden treasures of the province is Tambobong Beach, which is located in a Barangay of the same name in Dasol town. Rent a tricycle in Burgos Market and set off on a rocky but exciting 40-minute journey to this white sand beach. Be prepared for the absolutely stunning paradise that awaits! You could also visit Culebra Island, Cabacungan Cove and Osmena Cave, when you’re not staying at a pension house or homestay within the Pangasinan area.
Tambobong Beach in Dasol
Tambobong Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan

6. Guisi Beach in Guimaras

Guimaras is best known for its sweet mangoes, but a hidden beach in the island is said to be perfect for intimate moments. Guisi Beach is usually included in extensive Guimaras Day Trips and a lot of visitors vow to go back and stay a bit longer. Plus, the boat transfer from Iloilo to Guimaras is just fifteen minutes! This part of Visayas is blessed with a lot of remote beaches and islands, but Guisi stands out as the best. Red wine by the beach, anyone?
Just another sunny morning in Guisi Beach. Photo Credit: erckz

7. Black Island in Busuanga, Palawan

Palawan remains a tourist favourite as there’s simply too much to do here (like snorkeling and diving at Coron). More importantly, when you’re on a customized Coron/Busuanga Island Hopping Tour, remember to ask the boatman to take you to the Black Island. Since Black Island isn’t listed on the usual island hopping tours, this place is usually empty, meaning you can have the whole island to yourself! However, contrary to its name, there’s no black sand here – just pristine white sands and crystal clear waters. You could also venture further inland to the giant cave, and ask your local boatman to share its interesting legend.
The enchanting Black Island of Palawan: powdery white sands and clear waters. Photo Credit: arsdigital

8. Gumasa Beach in Sarangani

A trip to Sarangani Province from Davao City is three hours, and a 45-minute ride to reach Gumasa Beach in Glan, Sarangani. Dubbed by the locals as the “Small Boracay of Mindanao”, the lengthy travel time and effort spent on visiting this lovely beach will surely pay off. The romantic at heart will especially enjoy watching the sunset from a quiet corner of this stunning beach.
Gumasa Beach
A surprise awaits you at Gumasa Beach

9. Sila Island in Northern Samar

Pink Beach Alert! Yes, the Philippines has another pink beach to be proud of! Sila Island is one of the seven islands found in San Vicente, Northern Samar. Just like Sta. Cruz Grande in Zamboanga, the pink sand of Sila is composed of crushed red corals. According to the locals of San Vicente, the beach glows in pink during summer. Planning to visit Sila Island soon? Make sure to bring food with you as there are no restaurants in the area. Oh, and the last we heard, the island is up for sale. Any takers?
Pink Sand effect over sun set at Sila Island. Photo Source: Inquirer

10. Casapsapan Beach in Aurora

Cagayan Region is known primarily for its caving adventure sites, but did you know that a breathtaking beach is hidden somewhere? The road to Casapsapan Beach in Casiguran, Aurora involves a rocky or muddy road drive depending on which season you’re going – yet this is the road to eternal bliss. You’ll surely be mesmerized once you reach the beach area. Crystal clear blue waters, fine soft sand and still considered one of the best kept secrets of the region!
Casapsapan Beach is Aurora’s well-kept secret! Photo Credit:Jom2008