10 Essential Items Needed In Your French Kitchen

10 Essential Items Needed In Your French Kitchen
Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

FoodFindsAsia | 10 Essential Items Needed In Your French Kitchen | French country kitchens are inviting and designed for both cooking and family gatherings. Their rustic-chic aesthetic is extremely well-liked all over the world. Additionally, do you intend to decorate your kitchen in the French country style?

Here are ten essentials to help you turn your kitchen into an authentic French country kitchen: classic items that are typically found in French country kitchens. We picked the essential items of French country kitchens, including cookware, decor, and furniture from Revol1768

We found inspiring French country kitchens to show you how to display these essentials in your kitchen as nothing more than examples. You’ll see that your kitchen will quickly have the French country style you love by gradually adding these ten essentials.

Let’s look at the list of the ten French country kitchen necessities that you absolutely must have. Start decorating your kitchen with a French country flair with furniture, decor, and cookware.

1. A cabinet made of wood

 The cabinets, chairs, tables, shelves, and everything else in a French country kitchen are all made of wood. Choose clear wood because it really looks better. Repainting the cabinet in a neutral color like white, beige, or gray is another option.

2. The best place for family get-togethers is a rustic table! 

An island made of rustic wood can work well for smaller kitchens and be ideal for meal preparation and serving.

3. Wicker baskets from France 

Numerous French wicker baskets can be found in French country homes, particularly in French country kitchens. They are both decorative and useful. French wicker baskets can be used to store fruits, bread, eggs, flowers, linens, and, in larger sizes, tableware. Think about having wicker baskets in a variety of colors for a great decorative effect: white, dark, and brown… Start collecting French pottery (jars, jugs, canisters, etc.) now! More is always better! French pottery will give your kitchen a very personal touch: They will make your country French kitchen stand out. And most importantly, display them on open shelves because they were designed to decorate (and demonstrate your taste to everyone!). The variety of pieces (jars, jugs, canisters, tureens, etc.) and designs (all white, with a pattern, etc.) opens up a world of possibilities. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match the looks!

5. A chandelier

Whether made of ironstone or glass, is a must-have.

6. Patterned kitchen linens  

The softness of French kitchen linens is well-known all over the world due to the thickness and quality of the fibers. French kitchen linen manufacturing is celebrating its centennial. French linen brands all have one thing in common: designs that are traditional yet elegant on fabrics that are thick, soft, and noble (cotton and linen). They are ideal for a French country kitchen due to their combination of design, quality, and French history. 

7. A shelf made of chicken wire 

This one is probably the least well-known. The chicken wire shelf is one of the essentials of French country kitchens, though it is more commonly associated with farmhouses. The most common type in France is a small chicken wire cabinet or box, although it can be a large shelf like the one in the image below. A cute chicken wire basket is another option.

8. Copper pans 

Copper pans are a must-have because they are both decorative and useful. Even though they cost a lot, they last a lifetime and more! If you enjoy cooking, new copper pans are the best choice; if not, you can find them at a flea market.

9. Decorative boards (breadboards, cheeseboards) 

Made of a variety of sizes, woods, and uses, the combination of boards makes a lovely kitchen decor. They can be hung on the wall or displayed on your backsplash.

10. Confounded wooden seats

Whether you have a table or an island, attempt to have different wooden seat styles. (Refinement is in the details!) Choose chairs with a rustic style but an elegant shape or design.


It’s time to get started in your kitchen now that you have the list of the ten essentials for a French country kitchen. Take a look at our collection of accessories for the French country kitchen, including tableware, kitchen decor, and linens. These items will complement your French country kitchen perfectly. 

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash