10 Delicious Asian Foods That You Can Get on Meal Delivery Services

10 Delicious Asian Foods That You Can Get on Meal Delivery Services

FoodFindsAsia | 10 Delicious Asian Foods That You Can Get on Meal Delivery Services | There is no better way to tour Asia without leaving your house than to order and taste some of the most delicious meals that the continent has to offer. Yes, you can order Asian foods and choose from Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese dishes by visiting the websites of the best meal delivery services and be able to enjoy coupons on selected foods. So, when you feel like you want to eat something spicy yet delicious, just order any of these 10 Asian dishes. You can visit the website of your nearest food delivery Ireland service and order any of the Asian dishes.

  • Stir Fry

This is a famous Chinese delicacy that is distributed by most meal delivery services globally. The delicacy is also a popular item on the menus of a majority of Chinese restaurants. It features either noodles or rice as the main starch and beef or chicken as the main protein. Other ingredients include vegetables and eggs. It comes with spices and cream for a delicious intake.

  • Pad Thai

If you are a fan of Thai meals, then this is a must-order. The meal features tangy flavors, vegetables, shrimp and pork, chicken or beef. Additionally, the dish comes with a plate of delicious rice and peanut sauce. You’ll never go wrong with this dinner order.

  • Egg Rolls

This is a Chinese snack that is not only simple but nutritious too. The dish features eggs and vegetables and can be ordered any time of the day. Nonetheless, a majority of Chinese people prefer to take the meal for breakfast and for light dinner.

  • Spring Rolls

This is the Vietnamese version of the egg rolls. If you like the egg rolls, then you must like the spring rolls. They feature vegetables such as onions and carrots, as well as mushroom, pork, noodle, and shrimp. The Vietnamese spring rolls are ordered fried (pan-fried or deep-fried) or uncooked if you prefer to do the frying yourself.

  • Sushi Rolls

This is another meal that has the same design as the egg rolls and the spring rolls. However, it’s from Japan and the major ingredient is seafood. It’s a great order when you have a crowd to feed at home as it comes with several pieces for sharing. It can be ordered with sweet potatoes or pizza and salad.

  • Fried Rice

This meal is a popular side dish in major Chinese restaurants and food delivery services. Though often ordered as a side dish, it is also an effective main dish when accompanied with roasted meat and vegetables. It’s a very tasty meal that you can share with someone at home.

  • Coconut Curry

If you really like coconut flavors, then you’ll enjoy this amazing Thai delicacy. The meal is best ordered for dinner. It’s uniquely identified by its colorful chilly and turmeric signatures. The peppers can either be red or yellow and are known to give the dish it’s color while the coconut gives it its flavor. The order comes with vegetables, shrimp, and meat.

  • Green Curry

This is another Thai delicacy that has a recipe that is almost similar to the one for coconut curry. The difference is that the chilies are green here and the meal features extra ingredients such as shallots and garlic. The coconut flavor is maintained to give the soup a tastier and creamier texture. The meal can be ordered with a plate of plain or fried rice.

  • Tom Yum (Thai Soup with Shrimp)

Tom Yum is one of the most popular traditional Thai soups. It’s very spicy but delicious; characterized by lime leaves, mushroom, onions, garlic, and fish sauce. If you are not a fan of shrimp, you can substitute it with chicken, pork or beef. The soup can be ordered as a light dinner serving or a lunch option.

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken

The name of this delicacy may appear confusing but there is nothing confusing in the taste and authenticity. It features deep-fried chicken chunks soaked in sugar syrup and vinegar, thus its name.  It’s a popular Chinese meal that is best ordered for dinner alongside your favorite vegetables.

These 10 dishes are evidence that you can taste the most delicious foods offered in Asia without moving away from your neighborhood. You can visit the website of your nearest food delivery service and order any of the Asian dishes. The experience will be worth your money.