10 Best Places In Australia You Must Visit

10 Best Places In Australia You Must Visit 2020 - Food Finds Asia
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Food Finds Asia| 10 Best Places In Australia You Must Visit |Australia is vast with so many spectacular places that you need to see. Its massive area brings you various features, climates, and topography. Regardless of our favorite activities, you will always find a spot in Australia.

With so many cities, beaches, dunes, mountains, forests, roads, and parks, you can be sure that a single trip is insufficient to exploit the wanderlust the country presents to you. You will need to visit Australia many times to experience various unique features and activities.

However, you can pick a few places to visit at a time. We have picked 10 of the best places you should consider visiting in Australia.

1. Sydney

This modern and sophisticated city is well-known for tourism. Consider making Sydney your dream destination city if you like outdoor activities that give you lots of fun. You can visit and sunbathe on the fantastic beaches where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks that appeal to your taste buds.

Watch live performances when you visit Sydney Opera House and dine in Bennelong, a top restaurant. The Harbour Bridge will offer you beautiful scenery for photography and video shooting for a long-lasting memory. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city at the top of this 134-meter high bridge as well. Sydney’s fashion design shops are a good place to shop for designer brands. Besides, Quay restaurant is one of the best places that you can plan to visit for delicious meals and drinks.

2. Melbourne

Melbourne has a reputation for vintage shops, coffee culture, and street art. The city has plenty of things for you to see for fun and entertainment from its location on the beautiful Victorian coast. There is plenty of wildlife and nature you can find more appealing to you as well.

Melbourne city can offer you a variety of places and things that you can visit and see. The National Gallery of Victoria for art consists of the largest collection, both nationally and internationally. You can visit Queen Victoria Market for your delicious street food and a local purchase while in Melbourne.

On a chilly afternoon, St. Kilda is a place for you because of its serene beach and funfair, whereas Phillip Island has little penguins that you can watch as you pass time. You can also tour colorful backstreets on your way to craft breweries and shops for coffee. To have an ideal view of the entire city, take a balloon ride. The Great Ocean Road drive is ideal for an exceptional road trip experience.

3. Gold Coast

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Gold Coast is a tourist attraction city for visitors who are looking for fun. The city is popular for the best beaches and has a natural beauty from the tropical rainforest and mangroves. It is famous for surfing with the Surface Paradise, night clubs and rollercoasters.

The Jellurgal Aboriginal Culture Centre is a place that can cheer you up, especially for dance performances and cultural activities. You can have a chance to visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and take your kids to watch crocodiles and kangaroos in any of the parks of your choice. You can find lots of outdoor fun when hiking Mount Tamborine.

4. Brisbane

Brisbane will offer you an exciting outdoor opportunity if you love cycling and listening to music. The city, named as the third world’s best place to visit for adults, is surrounded by beaches, islands, and riverfront promenades. As one of the oldest cities, Modern Art is an attraction center.

From the top of Mount Coot-tha, you can have a panoramic view of the city with Lone Pine as the largest sanctuary. For your adventure, you can visit and enjoy yourself at the Climb the Story Bridge. Alternatively, you can try sandboarding on Moreton Island on the giant dunes. The Wheel of Brisbane is a fascinating site to look at that is located in central Brisbane.

5. Adelaide

Adelaide is an ideal destination base for you because it is widely known for its cultural events, from arts to local food. The Art Gallery of South Australia is one such collection. You can tour the vineyards for a taste of wine and also learn about wine at The National Wine Centre.

Enjoy nature and wildlife as you drive for two and a half hours to Kangaroo Island where you can see lions and an hour’s drive to Fleurieu Peninsula between May and October where you will watch whales. Remember to carry enough supplies on the roof rack basket for the travel mates during the road trips in Adelaide.

6. Cairns

Cairns is a popular city for tourist destinations who come to explore the Great Barrier Reef for snorkeling or scuba diving. It is a good place for you to explore your outdoor activities because of the rainforest and wetlands surrounding. Reef’s wildlife has an amazing aquarium where you can go for a picnic, find a boardwalk, swim at a saltwater lagoon, and a series of swimming pools outside the city.

Do not forget to visit Fitzroy Island, 29km southeast of Cairns. The island covers an area of 838 acres, and it has a coral reef you will want to tour. The hiking paths give you real outdoor pleasure to experience nature away from home to restore your peace.

7. Darwin

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The city of Darwin is home to aboriginal people of the Northern Territory. It has an extensive collection of art in the Darwin’s Museum and a great base for the exploration of Australia’s wildest region. You can do all your shopping in the market at Mindil Beach for indigenous crafts and Indonesian food.

With plenty of aircraft, The Darwin Aviation Heritage Centre is ideal for visiting and having fun. You need not worry about falling sick while on your trip because the city has airborne medics that can attend to you while on the flight. In case you fall ill at your hotel, the aerial medical team ferries you from the local hospital to Royal Darwin Hospital for top-end treatment services.

8. Perth

Perth is one of the modern cities with wonderful coastline and green parks. The locals love the destination for their holidays, and so should visitors. The suburbs of the city are surrounded by sand beaches, making them a wonderful place for sunbathing and beach activities.

Foodie travelers will find Perth appealing with its top restaurants and bars. To get a better view of the city, spend your day kayaking the Swan River. Do not forget watching humpback whales on a boat cruise if you visit between September and December.

9. Mudgee

This town is among the most spectacular places that people often overlook – maybe because it is not a major city. The town is located about 266km northwest of Sydney. For people who are not interested in beach life and noisy cities, then Mudgee is a place to tour. You can also visit it if you land in Sydney and want to explore the places nearby.

Mudgee is regarded as the top wine destination in New South Wales. The surrounding has plenty of wineries and vineyards to explore. If you are more into nature, take a walk in the Drip Gorge for exciting scenery.

10. Byron Bay

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Are you a beach lover? Forget the bigger cities and head straight to Byron Bay. The destination is popular among surfers and everybody who loves hanging out along the beaches. The town has a wonderful coastline backed up by outstanding national parks. The features make it one of the most picturesque points in the country. Various retreats and spas make the town ideal for classical visits to rejuvenate your soul during the vacation.

Summing Up

Australia is one of the best places to visit in the world. Its location and size make the place exemplary in all ways. As a visitor, you should know where you want to tour, because it is hard to finish the whole country, even in your entire lifetime. You can choose from among the best 10 places according to your taste.

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