10 Best Food Photography Blogs to Follow

Best Food Photography Blogs

By Fazreen Razeek | Do you want to start a food blog but don’t know where to start? Are you a foodie looking for some inspiration for your next food adventure? Are you a chef looking for a sumptuous addition on your menu? Maybe a photographer who plans to take on food as your next subject? If your answer to all those questions above is YES, read on this blog and get inspired with this roundup of food bloggers who get their food photography game right.

You need to follow these best food photography blogs for inspiration.

  1. Savory Simple

Savory Simple focuses on well-tested, reliable recipes and tutorials for the home cook.”

Jen’s recipes range from beginner to advanced. You’ll find classic recipes and other advanced recipes. It’s a guide with tutorials. Jen shoots with a Canon 5D Mark III and alternate between several lenses:

Here’s a sample of her awesome work:

  1. The Awesome Green

The Awesome green is all about photography and healthy food. Ana is a full time food photographer and soon-to-be a certified nutritionist based in Romania.

Ana finds inspiration through “capturing the authentic, vibrant splendor, of whole ingredients by using natural light.”

Here are some of Ana’s breath-taking shots:

  1. A Bubbly Life

A Bubbly Lie is a creative, bubbly website created by Laurel, a stay-at-home-mom passionate about baking. Laurel’s recipes and projects are simple and not complicated. They’re definitely modern and fun!

Take a look at Laurel’s bubbly food photographs:

  1. Healthy Nibbles and Bits

Lisa enjoys cooking, taking pictures, and writing about food. She is a food enthusiast working full-time in her own food company and part-time, operating this blog.

Check out Lisa’s amazing food photographs:

  1. Passionate about Baking

Deepa Rajpal has been baking at home for over 15 years, and enjoy it more and more each passing day.

She says, “It’s challenging, inspirational, creative and therapeutic. I am inspired by seasons and the colours that nature offers.”

Deepa enjoys food styling and uses her Canon EOS 5D Mark III in taking photos. Follow her food photography adventure here.

  1. Hello Glow

This site helps people achieve natural beauty, style and wellness. They aim to “give ideas, inspiration and tools – the secret weapons we’ve discovered through trial and error – to live a beautiful, healthy life.”

See Hello Glow’s creative food photography shots here.

  1. Use your Noodles

Anja is based in Slovenia.  Her blog reflects Slovenia’s rich culture and history.

“Slovenian food is very heavy – meaty and starchy – meant for people working in the fields all day. Not a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit. And that’s what I’m trying to add to my recipes,” says Anja.

Here are our top food photography shots from Use Your Noodles.

  1. Vegan Yack Attack

Jackie likes to translate her curiosity and passion into a productive feat – thus, the blog Vegan Yack Attack was born.

“I am always wanting to learn and am constantly fascinated by new information that I come across. That leads me into why I became Vegetarian, then eventually Vegan. I started reading many articles and studies concerning food, beauty products, household items, etc. and the chemicals that they were made of; not to mention how those chemicals are essentially unregulated.”

Check out Jackie’s jaw-dropping shots:

  1. My Baking Addiction

Jamie bakes a lot and sometimes too much. She admittedly has a “baking addiction”, which she named the blog after.

“My Baking Addiction began as a way for me to channel away the stress of teaching middle school. Today, MBA is my full time job, and passion.”

Here’s a take on Jamie’s deliciously addictive recipes and photography!

  1. Salted Mint

Deb’s mission is simple: “Dump your delivery boy and break up with ready meals”.

Her goal is to bring recipes and guides for better and less stressful cooking. A Michelin-star experienced chef, she constantly thinks about food, flavour, and why people eat what they eat.

Her philosophy clearly reflects her awesome blog.

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